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Motors, Controls, and Gear Reducers"

EISA COMPLIANT MOTORSConveyall Industrial Supply, Inc. is the supplier of choice when looking for motors, bearings and control components. We sell well-known brand names such as Baldor, WorldWide, Isogate, and Multiflo to name a few.

Products include:

  • HVAC Motors
  • EISA Compliant Motors
  • Fractional Motors
  • EISA Compliant Motors
  • Premium Efficiency
  • Explosion Proof Motors – High Efficiency
  • Explosion Proof Motors Premium Efficiency
  • Advanced Design Rock Crushers
  • Shaker Screen Motors
  • Close Coupled Pump Motors
  • Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors
  • Hyundai Motors
  • Fractional HP Motors
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors
  • Unit Handling Motors
  • Brake Motors
  • Aggregate Motors
  • 200 and 575 Volt Motors
  • IEC Frame Motors
  • Low Voltage Motors
  • 50 Hz Motors

Motor accessories and parts

  • Inverter/Vector Motors and Controls
  • DC Motors and Controls
  • Motor Slide Bases
  • Soft Starters and Dynamic Brakes
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Torque Shaft Mount Reducer
  • Worm Gear Reducers
  • IEC Contactors and Overload Relays
  • PT Components
  • Motor Controls
  • Gear Reducers
  • Transfer Switches
  • Tappered Bushing Kits
  • Safety and Transfer Switches
  • Motor Accessories
  • Pressure switches

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Baldor logoBaldor is another excellent company that has teamed up with Conveyall Industrial Supply,Inc. As an authorized distributor, Conveyall can bring a comprehensive range of motion control products. Baldor’s wide range of products includes the following:

  • Premium Efficiency Super –E®
  • Single Phase Motors and General Purpose Industrial Motors
  • Severe Duty Motors and Wash-down Duty Motors
  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • Pump Motors
  • Light industrial / Commercial Motors
  • HVAC Motors, Farm Duty Motors, Unit Handling Motors
  • Brake Motors
  • 200 and 575 Volt Motors
  • IEC Frame Motors
  • 50 Hertz Motors
  • Inverter / Vector Motors and Controls
  • DC Motors and Controls
  • Soft Starters and Dynamic Brakes
  • Gear Motors and Gear Products
  • Grinders and Generators

In 2007 Baldor merged with DODGE-Reliance. Making them the largest motor and power transmission Company in North America and second largest worldwide. Their industrial AC and DC electric motor products range in power from 0.015 kW (1/50 horsepower) through 11,000 kW (15,000 horsepower). Dodge-Reliance products include engineered mounted bearings, couplings, sheaves, and gearing products.

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WorldWide Electric Corp

Medium Voltage MotorsMedium Voltage Motors

WorldWide Electric Corp LogoWorldWide Electric Corp’s reputation for quality is outstanding. Conveyall and Worldwide have teamed up to bring a large variety of electric motors, motor controls, and shaft mount/gear reducers all kept in inventory in warehouses throughout the nation. Shipments can usually be sent the same or next day. Motor selection includes:

Low Voltage Motors

Verticle Hallow Shaft Motors
  • Fractional HP Motors
  • EISA- Compliant Motors
  • Farm Duty Motors
  • Aggregate Motors
  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • Close Coupled Pump Motors
  • Oil Well Pump Motors
  • Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors

Hyundai Low and Medium Voltage Motors

Gear Reducers

Shaft mount reducer
  • Shaft Mount Reducers
  • Worm Gear Reducers - Heavy Duty Cast Iron and Aluminum

Motor Controls

  • NEMA Across-Line Starters
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Pressure Switches, Alternator Relays, and Drum Controllers
  • Safety Switches
  • Soft Start Starters

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Weir MineralsBearings 2

Bearings 3Bearings 4

IPTICIConveyall supplies a wide range of options for bearing units. These include ball and roller bearings, mounted bearing units, lubricated bearings and specialty bearings. Each mounted bearing screw set unit or locking collar has a rigidly constructed housing. Bearings come in a variety of materials including stainless steel, cast iron, thermoplastic, hard chrome coated, or nickel plated. Conveyall's sales team can help you figure out a solution to your bearing problems. Below are just a few of the many bearings offered by our company 4 bolt flanges

  • Pillow Blocks in standard and corrosive resistant
  • Tapped Base Pillow Blocks in standard and corrosive resistant
  • 4-Bolt Flanges in standard and corrosive resistant
  • 3-Bolt Flanges in standard and corrosive resistant
  • 2-Bolt Flanges in standard and corrosive resistant
  • 3-Bolt Flange Brackets in standard and corrosive resistant
  • Take up Units in standard and corrosive resistant
  • Hanger units in standard and corrosive resistant
  • 4-Bolt Piloted Flanges in standard and corrosive resistant
  • Bearing Inserts in standard and corrosive resistant4 bolt flanges
  • High Temp Bearings
  • Double Seal Ball Bearing
  • Round Cartridges
  • Type E 2 Bolt Pillow Block Bearings
  • QD and Tapered Bushings
  • Tapered Bushings
  • E-Z Kleen Ball Bearings
  • Fixed Axle Bearings
  • IPTICI Bearings
  • Timken Bearings
  • Baldor Dodge Bearings
  • Fafnir Bearings
  • Browning Bearings
  • Hose Connectors

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Call Conveyall today to see how we can build a complete power transmission (including motor, coupling and pumps) solution for you to increase production and efficiency.

Conveyall Corner

Worldwide Electric Corporation Shaft Mounted Reducers Now In Stock

15:1 and 25:1 ratios  
Box sizes 2 - 8   
Torque arm included

2 Year Unconditional Warranty!

The "original" shaft mount reducer accepts all TXT compatible accessories without issue, enabling you to take advantage of your existing safety stock and installed base. For new applications, WWE offers a complete line of motor mounts, belt guards, tapered bushing kits and backstops to compliment your existing operations.
  • Industry Standard
  • Available in industry standard box sizes 2 - 8
  • Full range of accessories
  • No fault, two year warranty
  • In stock availability
Vertical Hollow Shaft Electric Motors from Hyundai and World Wide Electric

Designed for turbine pump applications 
25-250 HP / 1800 RPM 
1.15 Service factor
WorldWide Electric's high efficiency, Vertical Hollow Shaft (VHS) motors are designed for turbine pump applications for many industries, including irrigation, power generation, mining, municipal water and chemical. They are ideally suited for use with inverters or soft starts, whether you have a standard or high thrust application.
  • Versatile. Drop in replacement to major competitive brands and each motor is supplied with the most commonly used coupling for each HP.
  • Durable. High thrust bearing design with oil lubrication, 320 frame and up. Double thrust bearing available on 100 HP - 250 HP.
  • Inverter duty. Inverter grade magnet wire meets NEMA MG1 Part 31 (spike resistant to 1600 volt).
  • Protected. White epoxy corrosion resistant paint on the outside with epoxy coated rotor and windings on the inside. Motors supplied with felt seal on bottom end bell to protect lower bearing from pump seal failure.
  • 2-year warranty. Field tested and proven in the most difficult pumping applications.
  • In stock availability with direct shipping from our distribution centers to your site or to a location of your choice.
Worldwide Electric Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor Features and Benefits.
Worldwide Electric Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor Features and Benefits.
Conveyall Industrial Supply Inc. Receives Outstanding Sales Achievement Award 

Conveyall has been recognized for outstanding sales growth in 2014 by Major Wire Industries. We are extremely proud of our achievement and our continued association with Major Wire Industries. 

Click Here For Details 

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